This wasn't a "real" phishing mail.

The mail you received was a phishing mail send by the Privacy and Security team at NHL Stenden University of Applies Sciences, part of the Executive Staff.

Don't worry, NO information from you fell into the wrong hands.
However, we would like to ask you to be extra alert for fake emails from now on.
It is not necessary to contact the Service desk of NHL Stenden University of Applied Scrienses.

Find out below how you could have discovered that this was a fake email.

Recognition points:

  1. Piet de Vries is not an employee of NHL Stenden
  2. The email address is incorrect. The 'From:' address in this mailing is instead of an address
  3. In a real email, only certain parts like the open button are clickable. In this phishing email, the entire image is clickable
  4. The Llnk in the email links to another website
  5. The logo of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is missing.
  6. Did you expect a file to be shared with you?